Ulat sa Bayan


JULY 1, 2016 - MARCH 15, 2017


About Our Umingan

Useful information about our humble abode.

Economic And Social Characteristics

Household Income

In year 2015, Umingan has a total 0f 17,112 households with an estimated average annual income of 91,080 or 7,590.00 per month based on the minimum daily wage averaging to 253.00 (source: DOLE).

Trade and Industry

As a proof of active business climate, the municipality has a complete array of business establishments, which shows that Umingan is a center for business, not only for its local clients but for neighboring towns as well. The biggest chunk of businesses comes from the retailing and merchandising sector. Moreover, the municipality is now gearing for business expansion as a result of better exchanges of goods and capital. Hereunder are the top corporations by Gross Receipts, providing employment to the populace.

Financial and Commercial Sector

The lone financial institution provides minimal employment to the people of municipality, however, it also contribute in the upliftment of standard of living of the people especially farmers/ low-income families by extending low interest on credit and high interest on deposits. Hereunder is the list of financial/lending Institution/s operating in the municipality.

Commercial buildings as well as industrial sites are developed and constructed at the Central Business District (CBD) and at the agro-industrial zone of the municipality, respectively which indicates a good development.


The municipality has a potential tourist attraction known as Mount Amorong, and Diket Falls located at Brgys. San Juan, Diaz, Luna Este and Diket respectively. Characterized by its strategic and geographical location, the waterfalls is embraced in a distance by the Caraballo Mountains. The age old trees are surmount attraction adding up the panoramic beauty of its river and green mountains of the municipality.

The municipality is also having the annual celebration of the town fiesta and kalabasa festival. The festival features street dancing competition focusing on the harvest showcasing an assortment of unique steps and vibrant costumes.

The competition is usually open to different school of various levels in the municipality however there are instances where entries from different sectors are being invited to join.