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JULY 1, 2016 - MARCH 15, 2017


About Our Umingan

Useful information about our humble abode.



A total of 2,340 pre-elementary students are enrolled in the municipality. Most enrolment are coming from the 49 Day Care Centers with a number of 1,450 (61.9%) as of school year 2016-17 by the municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, pre -elementary enrolment of public schools have a total of 792 (33.84%), aside from the 5 private schools with a number of 98 (4.1%) enrolment offering pre-elementary education.

Public Education Services provided by the Department of Education (DepED) is composed of 2 districts; the Umingan District 1 composed of 18 complete elementary schools, and the Umingan District 2 with 25 complete elementary school and 1 multi grade school ( Grades 1 and 2) with only one (1) classroom teacher. There were also 5 private elementary and secondary schools located in the Urban area, two of which is a church ministry. There are only 44 public elementary schools in 58 barangays of Umingan.14 barangays have no elementary schools.

There are 7 public high schools, which are the following: La Paz National High School, Prado National High School, Flores National High School, Cabalichan National High School, Baracbac National High School, Masei-Seil National High School and Umingan Central National High School, the Cental school of all seven National High Schools, aside from the 5 private schools operating in the municipality.

Institutions offering Tech-Voc are : Hope of Melbourne Colleges Foundation and Sta. Catalina College.


The municipality has 2 rural health center located at the Poblacion West (RHU1) and Brgy. Cabaruan (RHU2) managed by 2 local doctor/physicians, 6 nurses, 12 midwives, 1 dentist, 0 dental aides, 2 sanitary inspectors, 2 pharmacist and 2 medical technologist. The municipality has one (1) community hospital managed by provincial government. The Hospital has 19-bed capacity.

Morbidity and Mortality

Based on the 2016 health statistics shown in table 23, the first two leading causes of death in the city are AUR 1 and HPN. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Pneumonia are the leading causes of infant mortality.

Based on the total of 2,340 pre-school children weighed in 2016, 52.39% or 1,225 are considered normal, 0.85% 167 are below normal while 0.76% 149 are above normal.

The nutritional status of elementary school children revealed that out of 9,304 elementary school children weighed, 80.93% or 7,5297 are considered normal, 17.04% or 1,579 are below normal, and 2.01% or 187 are above normal.


The increasing population of the municipality increases the demands on housing requirements for its constituents. This activity is being undertaken by private sectors that took the initiatives to develop idle and unproductive lands into residential areas. The trend of the on-going residential area developments is the path going to Carmen, Rosales and Tayug, Pangasinan. Most of these developments are in the outskirts of the municipal proper and these are in accordance with the existing zoning ordinance and land use plan of the municipality.