Business Permit

Procedure in Securing for Business Permit

  • Clearances
    1. Barangay Business Clearance
    2. Community Tax Certificate
    3. Electrical Certificate
    4. Zoning Clearance
    5. Sanitary
    6. Fire Clearance
    7. Other clearances with respect to the applied Business Line
  • Evaluation of Business Application
  • Applicants will proceed to the Permits & Licensing Division for the issuance of application form. Interview, filling-up and assessment of the Application Form by the Business Permit Line Office personnel.
  • Billing of Statement
  • Payment
  • Applicant pays at MTO Collection Section and is issued Official Receipt.
  • Issuance of Business Permit
  • After compliance with all requirements and after payment, the Permits and Licensing Office will issue the duly signed Business Permit.

Working Permit

1. Residence Certificate
2. Barangay Clearance
3. Two (2) 2×2 ID pictures
4. Two (2) 1×1 ID pictures

Procedure in applying for Individual Working Permit

* Filling up of Application Form at the Permits and Licensing Office
* Payment at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office
o Individual Working Permit
o Police Clearance
o MHO Clearance
o ID
* Issuance of Police Clearance at the PNP
* Issuance of Health Certificate at the Municipal Health Office
* Issuance / Approval of Individual Working Permit

Tricycle Permit

Requirements for Operators:

1. Clearance from UFTODA (Umingan Federated Tricycle Operators & Drivers Association)
2. Permit during the preceding year
3. Community Tax Certificate
4. Barangay Clearance
6. Franchise MTOP
7. Police Clearance
8. Mayor’s Clearance

Procedure in applying for Tricycle Permit:

* Filling up of Application Form at the Permits and Licensing Office
* Payment at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office
o Mayor’s Permit
o Tricycle Plate
o Sticker Fee

Drivers : Procedures and Requirements in applying for Permit

1. Community Tax Certificate
2. Driver’s License
3. Barangay Clearance
4. Police Clearance
5. Mayor’s Clearance

Building-Related Permit

Requirements in Applying for Building Permits (for the construction of any buildings)

- Land Title of the lot where the building/structure is to be constructed
- Tax Declaration of the lot (xerox copy – 2 copies)
- Tax Receipt (current year) (xerox copy – 2 copies)
- Blue Print of the Plans and Specification (5 copies)
· Structural Plan (signed and sealed by Professional Civil Engineer or Architect)
· Electrical Plan(signed and sealed by Professional Electrical Engineer)
· Sanitary Plan (signed and sealed by Professional Sanitary Engineer)
- Cost of Construction (Bill of Materials) (5 copies)
- For two or more story buildings – (5 copies)
· Design analysis of beam and column
- Seismic analysis – 5 copies
- Highway clearance from DPWH – 1 copy
- Locational Clearance from MPDC – 1 copy

Application Requirements for Locational Clearance/Certificate of Zoning Compliance

Locational Clearance is a pre-requisite in the issuance of Building Permit to ensure its conformity with the Municipal’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

I. Basic Requirements (two copies per document)

1. Duly accomplished and notarized APPLICATION FORM
2. Requirements relative to RIGHT OVER LAND
a. Photocopy of the Certificate of Title in case registered in the name of applicants;
b. Certified True Copy of the Latest Declaration (CURRENT YEAR) with Tax Receipt
c. In case the property is not registered in the name of the applicant, submit Duly Notarized Deed of Sale, or Deed of Donation or Contract of Lease or Authorization to use land, whichever is applicable plus photocopy of the owner’s Certificate of Title or in the absence of Title, the Tax Declaration and pro-forma Affidavit as described in Item C.
3. VICINITY MAP showing the existing land uses within the prescribed radius from the lot boundary of the project site;
a. For projects of local significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of 100 meters radius, and the map need not be drawn to scale provided the relative distances of existing land uses of the project site lot boundaries are indicated.
b. For projects of national significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of one (1) kilometer radius and should be drawn to scale.
4. SITE DEVELOPMENT PLAN showing the project lot area boundaries and dimensions of the proposed improvements within the project site, the plan need not be drawn to scale for projects of local significance.
5. Endorsement/Recommendation from the Department of Agrarian Reform for the conversion of agricultural lands into other uses if the project is to be situated in agricultural lands.
6. Filing and Legal Research Fees – Please refer to HLURB Schedule of Fees.

II. Bill of Materials/Cost Estimates

Barangay Resolution that the Council/Constituents interposes no objection to the project.

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