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Departments and Offices of the Local Government of Umingan

Educational Facilities and Services

Umingan with 58 barangays has fifty eight (58) educational institutions disaggregated to eleven (11) primary schools, thirty (30) intermediate schools and nine (9) secondary schools. Tertiary schools are non-existent in the municipality. The existing schools have a total educational land area of 46,850 square meters or 46.785 hectares.All primary and elementary schools operating in the locality are public of government-owned schools. The eleven (11) primary schools are found in Barangays Calitlitan, Lubong, Mantacdang, Carosalesan, Casilan Luna Este and Weste, Pangangaan, Ricos, San Pablo, and Poblacion. The thirty (30) intermediate schools are found in Barangays Annam, Barat, Cabalitian, Esperanza, Evangelista, Flores, La Paz, Lauren, Lubong, Papallasen, San Leon, Sta. Maria, Bantug, Baracbac, Cabangaran, Cadiz, Concepcion, Diaz, Fulgosino, Diket, Don Montano, Gonzales, Maseil-seil, Nampalcan, Pemienta, Prado, Resurreccion, San Juan, San Vicente and Poblacion. The nine (9) secondary schools are located at Barangays Baracbac, Cabalitian, Flores, La Paz, Maseil-seil, Prado and Poblacion. Two (2) of which are private, the Quezon Memorial Academy and Immaculate Conception Catholic School, both located in Poblacion.